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I need to get some Sherlock icons. Yes.



This was creepy and I jumped a few times. Others, much more eloquent than I will talk about the relationship between John and Sherlock (so,so married). And the plot.

But I loved, LOVED Mycroft's eyeroll. It was a thing of beauty. It is up there with Leo's eyeroll in In Excelsis Deo in Season 1 of The West Wing.

There was so much longsuffering brother there. Beautiful.
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MARRIED. SO, SO MARRIED. I want more of Mycroft in the Diogenes. I also want more Sherlock-John angsting and fighting because the making up is so sweet to watch.
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Benedict, come to me, Beeennneeeedddicttttt....

Too creepy?!?

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A little bit, yes. Understandable though.