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Hi there, it's been over a year since I've posted, well over a year. I don't really remember how to do this, but I caught up with a bunch of fangirls yesterday and decided it was time.

I shall try to be better at this. We'll see how this goes.

I can't even remember how to code these posts, or even if I have to. So my bad.
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posted by [personal profile] engenda at 10:10pm on 01/01/2015
I've decided to Friends Lock my journal. If you're interested in being added, let me know.

ETA: My fic (of which there is very little) is now and will remain public. I'm uncomfortable friending people who aren't friends with at least one person on my friends list.
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Tuesday, night my cat, Floyd, decided that he was going to get into a fight with another cat through the closed window. He was hissing and growling and making a lot of racket and banging in the blinds. I grabbed him and as you no doubt can guess, he bit. It HURT. I went to the doctor the next day, got antibiotics and antibacterial cream and started the course.

Long story short, on Thursday (ANZAC Day in Australia - and New Zealand - which is a public holiday celebrating our veterans and remembering those who have fallen), instead of going to the RSL for two-up and drinking, I ended up in hospital with IV antibiotics. NOT. FUN.

My hand had swollen up and was red and inflamed, it hurt to move it. So after two nights and three days in hospital, I am now at home with a thoroughly non-apologetic feline a number of holes in my arm (from trying to find a vein for the cannula), more antibiotics and a bandaid over the puncture site. I also have strict instructions to return to hospital if the swelling recurs. This is not a problem for me because 1. I live across the road from the hospital and walked there in the first instance and 2. NOT. STUPID.

So am off work for the next week (probably) and need to keep my hand elevated.

Bloody cat.
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Yep. I've been pondering this for a while now and have come to the conclusion. It's time.

For an X-Files rewatch.

I may be gone for a while...
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Had a wonderful night with [personal profile] erilyn. We went to see My Chemical Romance at The Horden. Great show. Gerard is looking particularly hot, Mikey was all over the place with his sparkly bass and singlet. Frank was wearing a jumper! It was boiling hot in there; he looked like a school boy. Ray's hair was a frizzy mess.

They put on a great show and showed care for the crowd. I really like that. There was a tool standing in front of us who was moshing badly and bumping into everyone, until he was spoken to.

Now, it appears as though my cat has decided to throw up on the carpet. Off to do some cleaning.

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I need to get some Sherlock icons. Yes.

Also here be spoilers )
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There's a JB HiFi at my local shopping centre. *sigh*

I now have a 32 inch HD LED and Blu Ray player - bless 12 months interest free. Oh, and a new multi region DVD player. Go me.

Also, I have wine.
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Chinta Ria for dinner tonight. YUM.

/drive by
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I do wish my groceries would be delivered. They're supposed to be delivered by now and I'm very hungry.

I want a poached egg for breakfast. I made sure that I was showered and dressed and everything and now I'm sitting here waiting for my fuds.

ETA: Food has arrived and now, breakfast
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